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Platinum Wedding Bands: 12 Top Styles

Alicia Briggs | May 10, 2023

Alicia Briggs | May 10, 2023

Platinum is a precious metal that is coveted the world over. Its strength and renowned luster makes it truly stand apart. That’s why many choose a platinum wedding band to pair with their engagement ring, or platinum couples rings.

From elegantly traditional to sleek and modern, there are platinum wedding rings for every look and style. Discover twelve top styles that are sought after again and again. Or speak with a diamond expert to receive personalized guidance in choosing the platinum wedding band meant just for you.

What Is A Platinum Wedding Band?

A platinum wedding band is any style of band featuring platinum instead of 18k solid or 14k solid gold. The band can be solid platinum or can feature diamond accents.

Nearly all of VRAI’s wedding rings, and the entire engagement ring collection, is available in platinum.

Is Platinum A Good Metal For Wedding Bands?

Yes! Platinum is the ultimate expression of indulgence and is also known for its durability. These two factors combined mean that platinum is an ideal metal for a wedding band. Because of its durability and strength, you can rest assured that this important symbol will last a lifetime. And its famed luster and luxuriousness adds a special and unique touch to such a sentimental design.

Platinum is also the purest of all precious metals, which makes it the best choice for those with skin sensitivities.

Platinum Vs. Solid Gold Wedding Bands

Choosing a platinum or solid gold wedding band should be based entirely on personal preference and budget. Both styles of wedding ring are known for their beauty, craftsmanship, and high quality. While platinum is purer than 18k and 14k solid gold, the latter are still designed to last a lifetime and are appropriate for most individuals with skin sensitivities.

Those who choose yellow or rose gold bands over platinum do so based on their color preferences. These warmer hues are also better for pairing with diamonds a bit lower on the diamond color scale. Colorless or Near colorless diamonds are better highlighted in platinum or white gold settings.

Is Platinum Better Than White Gold?

Both platinum and white gold are excellent choices for a wedding band. But platinum is considered more precious than white gold. Platinum is also more durable than white gold, meaning it will be slightly less prone to scratching or scuffing. These factors make platinum more expensive than 18k white gold. So white gold, not platinum, is better for those with a more limited budget.

Platinum and white gold have a similar appearance, but platinum will have more luster and shine. Speak with a diamond expert for more personalized guidance before choosing between the two.

Diamond Platinum Wedding Rings

How do you make a platinum wedding ring even more indulgent? By adding an array of diamonds, of course. Platinum wedding rings featuring lab-grown diamonds range from subtle designs with pavé set diamonds, to bold and dramatic looks that feature an array of cuts and shapes. These styles are becoming more and more sought-after as a wedding ring, but are also popular for vow renewals or as an anniversary ring.

What Are Popular Platinum Wedding Rings For Women?

The most popular platinum wedding rings for women are usually diamond-accented. These head-turning styles are made to pair flush with nearly all engagement ring settings, but speak with a diamond expert to ensure the perfect fit before creating your ideal platinum stack.

The Eternity Band

Our Eternity band fully embodies the strength of your commitment with a platinum band featuring your chosen VRAI created diamond shape. The minimal u-prong setting is designed to draw in the light so each diamond shines bright.

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The Alternating Shapes Band

Baguette and Round Brilliant VRAI created diamonds line up side by side in this masterfully-crafted, all-diamond design. An array of alternating diamond shapes are held securely in a platinum prong setting that fully displays their beauty and brilliance.

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The Infinity Band

The Infinity Band is a refined rendition of a timeless style. A shimmering series of individually handset pavé diamonds decorate the entire band in a modern platinum u-cut setting. Perfect for wearing solo or paired with your engagement ring to enhance the brilliance of your diamond.

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What Are Popular Platinum Wedding Rings For Men?

Platinum is a popular metal choice for men’s wedding rings due to its durability. This makes it more resistant to scratching that comes from day-to-day wear. It is ideal for individuals who are just beginning to wear rings or other fine jewelry everyday or the ultimate luxury for those with a growing collection.

The Brushed Baguette Band

A subtle twist on a signature design, the Brushed Single Baguette Band marries clean modernity with a romantic nod to the past. A wide and flat brushed surface gives this band its substantial appearance while the central Baguette diamond adds a captivating touch of brilliance.

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The Devotion Band

Commemorate your love to another or to yourself with a band that is a daily reminder of your devotion. A series of VRAI created Round Brilliant or Baguette shaped diamonds are secured inside a platinum channel set band, creating a look of enduring sophistication.

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The Round

A classic signature band, the Round is a timeless symbol of love and commitment. A semi-rounded polished surface gives this platinum band a substantial appearance.

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What Are The Best Unisex Platinum Wedding Rings?

A wedding band is not only reflective of your love but also of your personality and style. VRAI’s platinum wedding rings are all designed to be worn by all and empower self-expression. These specific unisex designs are sought after again and again.

The Round Inlay Band

Decidedly sleek and elegant, this unisex design is a modern take on the classic Round Band. A semi-rounded polished surface gives this band a substantial appearance, while a single Round Brilliant VRAI created diamond adds the perfect touch of scintillation.

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The Half Pavé Band

The Half Pavé Band is a timeless beauty that will never go out of style. Wear it alone, stacked, or paired with an engagement ring to add the perfect complimentary shine.

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The Flat

A simple yet modern band with universal appeal, the Flat is a timeless symbol of love and commitment. A flat polished platinum surface gives off just the right amount of edge.

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What Are The Best Platinum Wedding Ring Sets?

When buying an engagement ring, it’s important to note that certain wedding bands are designed specifically to match. While you can combine any number of rings and bands together to create a wedding ring set, these settings are meant to perfectly pair with their matching engagement ring.

The Curator Band

The Curator Band merges streamlined simplicity with a fresh rounded form. Balancing symmetry and substance, this contoured band has a pleasing proportion with an artistic edge.

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The Single Shared Prong Band

A diamond-forward take on a timeless wedding band design. An array of VRAI created diamonds appear to float in a platinum single shared-prong setting, creating a look of ethereal elegance.

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The Knife-Edge Band

The Knife-Edge Band is a refined rendition of a traditional style. Sloping edges form a subtle meeting point creating an elegant silhouette with minimalist appeal. Slightly tapered, this band’s contoured form is perfect for wearing solo or paired with a matching engagement ring.

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Speak With Our Diamond Experts About Platinum Wedding Bands

Say yes to the ultimate indulgence of a platinum wedding band by booking an appointment with a diamond expert today. They’ll offer you personalized guidance in selecting the style meant just for you.